Monday, November 19, 2012

Lets get Re-Acquainted

Well im a tad bit rusty but i think ill manage! I created this blog because im secretly in love with writing! so before i get ahead of myself here are somethings you should know about me: My name is Taylor and im completely head over heels in love with jesus! after that im smitten with all things that have to do with makeup! its a bad addiction! I go to a SMALL private school, where i often feel like i dont fit in. most of the time i feel like a peacock in a sea of mallard ducks. yeah that's right on target actually. Most people would call me "Quiet" but they don't realize that its actually called "socially selective" haha. i like to think myself as funny. I love all things elegant and simple, and in my free time i love adding to my bucket list, scrolling through instagram, giving into my fantasy life on pinterest, and trolling the open diaries on facebook. ha! aside from my digital life, school takes up most of my time and i really enjoy doing cheer leading (even though i don't fit the mold)  im super ocd about organization, and im addicted to painting my nails! my gulity pleasures are watching beauty youtube videos along with the real house wives...dont judge! i hope this blog provides someone with beauty advice, a look into my world and gives you a few laughs! stay tuned (ive always wanted to say that)