Sunday, August 2, 2009

The long vacation,

uggg, I've been meaning to write this blog for so long...

from July 1st to the 17Th my family went to Illinois and stayed with our Grandma R and papa Dick in their lovely home in NaperVille IL. We all slept in their basement, hhhmmmm the word BASEMENT probably has you thinking dark, creeky, old steps that leed to a small dark room with no windows, and leaky old pipes that make a weird sound. But unfortunately, No the basement we stayed in had been completely remodeled, with a bed for all of us; it even had a very nice bathroom. (and 3 windows)

After three days in IL the whole family (Minus mom) came down with terribly high fevers. It sucked very badly because we were sick for 8 days! and missed out on allot of activities.
After the sickness was gone we went to some really cool places. The first one is the Naper Settlement.

The Naper settlement is Kind of like heritage village, accept Heritage Village is WAY bigger and better than Naper Settlement. Naper Settlement had some interesting things, But the only hands on activities they had were beating rugs, and making butter.
The rug beating was L-A-M-E, I mean if I really wanted to beat a rug I would find a dusty rug, take it outside, find a large stick...and...WOW I feel so entertained already.
Making butter was pretty cool. First they put some heavy cream in a jar and the volunteers (poor girls) started singing this incredibly catchy, riddle/song thing about turning butter, of course I proceeded to get the song stuck in my head the whole time! Lovely, isn't it?

We did allot of other things like get pedis and manis, sentinel beach, THE CITY, pottery painting, Navy pier, the John Hancock scraper, and a bunch of other stuff. Despite being sick we had a BLAST!

We should be getting our camera back soon so I will be posting lotsa Pichas!

Time to catch a rem cycle