Friday, November 6, 2009


1. First, middle, and last name? Tay J. Tessi

2.What toothpaste do you use? I.D.K

3. (x ) shop alone. (x) shop with mom. (x)shop with friends.

4. best type of cake? red velvet

5. I love the smell of.. gas at the gas station.

6. How do you like your popcorn? I HATE POPCORN!!

7. Favorite magazine? way to many to count!

8. () aspirin () acetaminophen () ibuprofen ( x) tough it out?

9. What did you do last night? Had a great night with the fam <3

10. () manicure ( x) do it your self nails?

11. What's your favorite comfort food? IDK

12. (x) high fashion (x) total casual?

13. (x) kill bugs () try to save them?

14. best friend in kinder garden? Jacki (and she's still my friend!)

15. I would love to see...Time square in NYC

16. Swallow anything by accident as a kid ( x) yes what? an Eye of a teddy, turned purple, and mom called 911 () no

17. () contacts () glasses ( x) 20 20?

18. ( x) salty ( x) sweet?

19. I can't wait until I can... DRIVE!!! in a year and a half

20. ( x) lone ranger ( x) team player?

21. Do you try to find shapes in the clouds? yes I do

22. What are you good at? DRAWING, painting, knitting, crocheting, ami, looming, scrap booking, painting my nails, making surveys, writing, collages, sewing, babysitting, volunteering, running, swimming, and sharpening pencils :)

23. I love to listen to... My I-pod/skillet