Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Super, mega, awesome day with Yulia!

Today My friend Yulia and I decided to hang out! It was A BLAST except for that one thing where her sister drove off leaving her at a house she thought was mine, and when she discovered obviously I didn't live there when some extremely cranky old*CLEARING THROAT* excuse me 'elderly' people answered the door saying "we never even heard of a Tay" thing happened, well that was a set back. Mean while I'm dusting my windows and I see a girl about my age walking down my street with a strange lady...I thought 'Hey that chick looks like Yulia' two second pass 'OMG it is'
my sister and I were now running down the side walk Screaming 'YULIA" Teags beat me there and we went back to my house. LOL.
Then we hung out in my room, went on the computer, talked on the phone, ate Ramon noodles, painted nails, and did random stuff like run into walls and fall off beds! LOL! Then to top it all off we went to the movies and saw Alvin and The Chipmucks The squeaqual. It was funny! In all a fantastic day!!!!
we also made her a blog here's the link:

Merry Christmas,