Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 survey! yyeeeha

Do you like chocolate? yeah.

Can you climb trees? yepers.

What continent would you like to visit? europe =)

What Chinese year were you born? IDK

.Are you a terrible artist? nope.

List three movies you can't stand? four Christmas's, Alvin and the chip muck 2, Alvin and the chip mucks 1

Do you like to get up early or sleep late? both.

What are some of your favorite books? Holly's heart series, and anything by Beverly Lewis.

Have you ever seen the star wars movies? no and I don't wanna

List three of your favorite star wars characters. Make me }=p

Do you like to play or listen to music? listen....

Are you big into sports? ha ha no

Do you read a lot? YES!!!!!!!

Have you ever had a caption contest on your blog? huh? No?

Do you sing a lot? pppsshhhh NO!

whats you favorite food? ohhhh that's hard I LOVE FOOD!

goals for 2010? going to school

what kind of weather do you like? rainy cold whether

what do you like to do? draw, paint, amigurumi, crochet, knit, listen to music, write, blog, browse itunes, clean, read, and stuff like that =O

what are going to be when you grow up? either, an author, photographer, radioligist, or journalist.

now copy and paste these questions to your blog!