Sunday, January 3, 2010


I can't believe Its already 2010!!!!! time just flys!!! LOL! And It's so COLD!!!!

Right now I am suffering from that 'Sunday...tomorrows school' feeling!!! eeewww! any how 2010 is going to be a SPECTACULAR year!!!
Somehow I am going to miss 2009!
these are the highlights of last year [09]

January- met some really cool people, started blogging, and got Busch Gardens passes!

February-harvested my first spaghetti squash, and found that I had quite an interest for baking!

March- learned how to finger knit, went to a killer carnival, and tried a gymnastics class and figured out that I'm athletically impaired! LOL but So true!!!

April-went on a killer camping trip with Tammy, KJ, and Mikaela. had some good laughs on April Fools, got to hold my baby cousin for the first time <3

May- celebrated my 13th, and got a new hair cut!!

June- got a sweet tan, volunteered for my churches VBS, and went to an art camp!

July- spent most of the month in Illinois, visited the city {Chicago}, and survived the swine flu!
August-Chelsea came and stayed with us, learned how to crochet, started speech,

September- Learned Amigurumi!
October- had a killer Halloween costume hard to see but its a Christmas stocking!

November- developed a strong interest in realistic drawing!

December- Enjoyed a fabulous time with my auntie Kristen and uncle josh (from Hawaii), dyed my hair for the first time and enjoyed a very merry Christmas with my family!

Wishing you a happy belated new years! BRING ON 2010!!!