Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Sleep over!

last night my cousins, raven and Emily, from Illinois spent the night last night! it was so much fun!!! we watched night at the museum 2, and then we stayed up till two am listening to music and playing 'truth or dare'...I was dared to lick a wall; it was killer!! LOL!
We woke up after ten, ate breakfast, and played outside.
After they went home that afternoon, my mom took Teag and I to get our nails done! teag and I got manicures and mom got a pedicure. I wanted to get a pedicure too, but on the way there I noticed all of these razor cuts on my legs that were hysterically bleeding, sooooo yeah, I figured it would burn if the lady put the lotion on...*SHIVERS* so I decide to get a mani.
{left} rex, Teag, and Emily, {top left} Raven, canny, Tay
say pizza LOL

Pretty Emmy, 10
Ravie and Em
rave being silly
taking pictures of each other
My french green nails, teag got white french tips, and mom got a deep purple.