Monday, January 11, 2010

Soft ball!!

Today I started soft ball at Indian Rocks!!! At first I thought I wasn't going to like but then I try ed it and LOVED it!!!!It was my first time playing ever,I still don't really get it; but Ill catch on!! and I made it with minor injuries!! MINOR PEOPLE! a girl who is/was athletically impaired all her life plays a sport for the first time and only hurts her finger!! Truly incredible!! LOL!

My parents are thrilled!They both were playing all there life and actually met for the first time playing softball and my dad proposed to my mom at the same Doug out. Of course I am on an all girls team, though. LMBO!

Since practice is every day I will be very very very busy! with normal school 4 days a week, co-op on Fridays (starting this Friday), speech, writing, all the homework that comes with that, and soon to be cross country! an then I have my spare time activities like blogging, writing in my book, drawing realistic, Ami, reading, knitting, looming, and sewing!! AAHHH! but I am very happy!

time to eat dinner!!
Buh Bye