Thursday, February 11, 2010


"Tay! wake up!"my mom said shaking me. "what, what is it!?" I said
"my water just broke, we have to go to the birth center!" She said nervously.
I quickly got out of bed put on my clothes, and stuffed my DS and American girl doll (Charis) in to a bag.  Then i helped Teag do the same. When i checked the clock i was not surprised that it was 5 am.! I heard my mom in her room, talking to my Gram, and pap.
The birth center, was marvelous! a small cottage in a super mega safe area, so close to the sea, that every time you opened a window you could hear and smell the ocean! When we arrived, Crystal (the midwife) took mom into her office and did all the necessary tests on mom. It had been an hour and a half since I had awoke from my peaceful slumber...Now I was in a cheery waiting room waiting for my new brother and my grandparents! just as the sky was pink, with yellow and orange strikes darting across it, is when gram and pap finally came!
Around 10 pap and I went to McDonald's, no baby yet, from 11 to 2 every one but mom and grandma and me took naps, still no baby yet! The waiting was unbearable! Mom, gram and I went on a walk on a trail, not fare from the birth center of course, along the sea side;talking to our many aunts and uncles on the phone, and stopping on every contraction she had!

At 4 pm mom had entered the excruciating part of labour. And Finally at 4;48 pm I had My new baby brother!!!!  Happy 3 birthday CHRISTAIN!!! I love you!!