Monday, March 29, 2010


HI guys!!!! I'm going to vacation tomorrow! My flight leave AT 6:15 am! which means I have to be up at 3 am!! EEK so not a morning person! LOL! I'm going to Pennsylvania! and we're flying with Delta airlines! the best!  its SSOOO cold up there, right now my mom is up there (but shes coming home tonight) and she said that there was ICE!!

 The photography is going to be K I L L E R!!!!  and my F A V O R I T E aunt Kristen from HAWAII is going to be there the whole time, plus I' get to see my L O V  E L Y cousin Chelsea and her cool brother Ben :)!  I wish all my super awesome blog followers a blessed and safe Easter and Spring break!!

From Tuesday, March 30Th to Sunday April 5, 2010-Happy Easter!


Can you believe its already April!! my birthday is starting to catch up with me LOL!