Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my first award XD!

I received my very first award!!! YAY!
I was awarded by Jare and Lib

 step 1 State 5 random facts about yourself

Then award 5 of your blogging peeps (you have the choice of telling why you thing they are stylish or not)

Now i shall state 5 incredibly random facts about myself :D

5 fact about T A Y
  1. I HATE snakes.
  2. I really do thrive off of making things with my hands.
  3. I love to write.
  4.  I really get annoyed when people copy me, without asking or saying anything.
  5. I actually liked New Moon better than Twilight....LOL

Now I will give the Stylish Award to...

  1. Milli with HOME because I really enjoy your book and author reviews :)
  2. The Awesome Ramona (haha) with In Ria's Notebook because your writing in general is pure awesomeness!!! keep up the good work!
  3. Cassi with Inside My mind because I just love reading your insights and seeing all the creative outfits you've been coming up with!
  4. Rose with through rose colored glasses because your blog is just amazing and your photography is outstanding!
  5. LilieJane with 2 FUNNY because your blog is adorable! and you always give me a good laugh!!! LOL

Thanks So much Jare and Lib form the award!!!!!