Friday, February 20, 2009


Were at Bush gardens today along with our fabulous cousins Raven and Emily; who brought their friends Taylor, Teagan, and Faith (I KNOW!!!). We got there right when the park opened and stayed until it closed.
I am so utterly annoyed because we took allot of pictures and right now we are using Phil's laptop and are not able to upload! Our favorite ride was the gwazzi, Of course we did experience a light case of drama, but with 4 girls I'm assuming it is relatively normal. Now I think we all know that My MOM Faith Ruzicka, nursing mother of 4 does NOT ride roller coasters (especially the most daring est ones in the park). So since there was no line I jogged up the long stairs BY MY SELF! and found the line that lead to the second row in the roller coaster. Then some random hippy just comes right up behind me and is practically breathing down my shirt! I was thinking " Dude What-Is-the-deal! is this person just going to invade my private bubble of air!" and I turned around and it was Mom! I screamed, I mean mom can't handle heights how in the name of Bambi is she going to handle a 90 degree drop from 250 feet in the air!? So we got on and the whole time moms hands were dripping sweat which is uhhh...S-I-C-k! But she did it!!!! and when we told Phil he nearly peed in his pants! This was so much bigger than when I jumped off the 40 foot cliff (and that was big!). Anyway the rest of the day was G-R-E-A-T!