Monday, February 9, 2009

Last night..........

My great grandmother past away. It was kind of hard for us because she was moms last grandparent and my last Great grandparent. But it was such a God thing because mom,Teags, and I were supposed to go and see her the night before last but mom was to exhausted. But the next morning we amazingly were ready for church early (Well in reality the time we are supposed to be leaving for church, but you know...) then we got a phone call from grandma (moms mom) that G.Gma didn't have much longer, so we hopped in the car and raced over to Heron House.I imagine that it probably would be scary for Teagan to see some one who was in the process of dying, but as for me in was quite peaceful besides the occasional sobs from my aunt Jane, grandma, mom, Teagan, and I. But since I'm the strange one of the family always asking weird and disturbing questions(not on purpose of course). One I particularly remember this on of mom being about 7 months prego with Teagan I asked her "Momma can we take the scissors and cut your stomach open and see what the baby looks like?" behind moms disturbed face she probably was pleading to God something like "Oh dear God please fix this little girl and show me what I've done wrong!" LOL! But after about 25 minutes of me crying it didn't really bother me. Mummies and archeology have always interested me. The only reason I would never be an archaeologist is because of all the evolution crap they believe in. Any way we all know she is in a better place and Is in no more pain.

Dorothy Matilda Julianna Klien-July 4, 1920 to February 8, 2009