Saturday, October 24, 2009

bored I guess?

Copy, and paste this survey to your blog!
What's the longest time you have ever been in Bath and Body Works? uuugg for like 2 hours...

If you could have any pizza in the world... What pizza would you have? CHOCOLATE!!!!

Do you know any one who lives in California? yes I do, do you??

Have you ever thought of going over 100 miles just to meet someone? HECK YES!!!

What is usually the first thing you think of when you wake up? - Shut UP

Who do you want to be online when you get on? Miranda, Sarah, and Sam <3

If you look outside can you see a field? hmm well you can see my back yard?

. Do you know someone who has recently be in jail? no! what kind of people do you think I hang out with??

If caterpillars could be domesticated would you have one? - NO DUH!

What is your favorite color of flower? uuuuhhh....OH wait I know!! Black!

What do you think of Wii Fit? IDK?

Is Ashlee Simpson pretty? sure I guess?

Do you love anyone who is blond? Yeah a some of my friends/acquaintances have blond yeah...

Do you love anyone that is over 100 miles away? OH YES

How bored do you have to be before you take a survey? really bored...

Last person to leave you a comment? uuumm I can't remember?

Do you have this survey up in another window or in another tab? pppsshh maybe...emo,hobo,stalker,person,thing...

How do you spend your free time? IDK? doing stuff like this, Aiming, txting, talking...etc

If you were in a really bad mood who would you talk to to make you happy? judging my Emo/Scean friends I-D-K, probably, Yulia she cheery and nice...

Last person's house you stayed at besides your own? wOw..IDK

How old will you be 6 years from now? 19 and a half

What did you always dream of being as a kid? an astronaut chef cooking spaghetti wearing a pink tutu on the moon!

your biggest fears in the world? elevators and certain people who's names cannot be mention at the moment {Wink-wink Miranda}

If you had 3 wishes what would they be? #1. to go to NYC #2. go to Austria #3. to go to Heaven!

If you wrote an autobiography what would it be called? thought of tAy..

Do you have jealous tendencies? NOPE NOT AT ALL!

Ever used Proactive on your skin? no that doesn't work!

What is your biggest dream at the moment? WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAYYY,,,,, to personal!!

Have you ever had your heart broken? sniff

Are morals important to you? - Yes

If you were a millionaire what charity would you start? IDK?

Have you ever had a reoccurring nightmare that wouldn't go away? subject change..

Are you a friendly/​approachable person? - sometimes...

What do you do for a living? - I eat, sleep and breathe.

If given the choice what genre of movie would you like to star in? ACTION!!!

Have you ever ended up in a hospital bed? yes after my seven birthday party I broke my toe and had to go to the er!.

Do you have any pets? do brothers count??

Who out of your friends has the next birthday coming up? Emily V

What are you watching/​listening to right now? the crickets outside

What's your favorite breakfast food? WAFFLES

What do you want to go to college for? Design!

What are your plans for this weekend? well tomorrow's church and stuff?

Who are your top 5 best friends? In no particular order: Sarah, Sam, Yulia, Jocelyn, and Miranda

peace out!