Saturday, November 28, 2009

uuuuhhh, yeaaahh...

So, yesterday we had this plan that Gram ,Pappy, Mom, Teag, Rex, myself, and can, would all wake up super early like 7:30 am and go garage sailing together while daddy golfed.
So this morning mom comes in my room and she's all like "It's time to go" and I was all like this is so not going to work out! especially since I had stayed up writing the second chapter to my book that I started just this November. Basically I was super, ultra, mega tired!
And mom left with the boys(thankfully) and left teag and I alone.
It was very nice because Rex and Can were gone and there was no noise to disturb Teag and I's peaceful slumber! I woke up around 9:20 and proceeded to watch four episodes of 'the locator' (my favorite) while teag watched the original Anni in mom's room.
Then mom calls and says that Pappy is on his way to pick us both up. When we arrived at grams house mom was all excited! she purchased tree bags of yarn for $1.50!!!! I almost passed out I was SO excited!! If you know me than you know that i am ridiculously good at writing, drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, crocheting, looming, finger knitting, making bracelets, and doing anything with my hands!! just think how 69 rolls of yarn can effect me!! Yay! after that we stayed for Thanksgiving lunch at my Gram and pappys; it was Killer!!! what an awesome Saturday I had!!

Now I am suffering from a Ami withdrawal, time for some serious yarn and needle work! LOL

peace out