Thursday, December 3, 2009

mOrE sUrVeYs

Day 1:
My 'ex' is:
well i don't have one...

I am listening to:
my mom...yeah

I love:
my ipod, mom, peace and quiet

My best friend:s are AWESOME!!! <--stealing Gessie's and Gabby's and Emily's answer.

I don't understand:
boys and school and stuff

I lost my respect for:

I last ate:
Kiesh for dinner yahoo

The meaning of my display name is:
just that nickname that everyone has always called me?

Love is:
the one thing in the world that can change EVERYTHING.

is somewhere

I will always:
be bloggin' turn your frown upside down!!

My mobile phone is:
unknown location!

When I woke up this morning:
it was all because mom said to

I get annoyed at:
school. and people.


Today I:
am looking forward to tomorrow!

I wish:
It was tomorrow(fri.).

I really want:
it to be the 9 because the Kristen and Josh come to FL!! WWWWAAAHHOO

What would you rather be called?
Babe or baby:

Sweetie or Honey:

Darling or Hun:

Cutie or Beautiful:


is your hair wet? - no. should it be?

is your cell phone right by you?
unfortunately no

miss someone?
- ma buddies

are you wearing chap stick?
- not


are you tired?:

are you excited?
- mmmhhhhmmmmm.

are you watching tv
- No.

are you wearing pajamas?
- nope.


done anything you regret?
*SIGH* yes lotsa stuff

recently lied?

ever stuck gum under a desk?

ever kicked someone?
you should know

ever tripped over your own feet?
heck yes!


have you cursed?
Heck No! I don't cuss.

have you yelled at someone?
- no, but i spoke in a sarcastic, strongly toned voice.

have you gotten mad at someone?


is there a person who is on your mind right now?
yeah it's waayyy to complicated

do you have any siblings?
- yup.

do you want children?
- eventually.

do you smile often?
I try to

you wish on stars?
just for fun

do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?
- no

when did you last cry?

do you like your handwriting?
- not really

are your toenails painted?
they always are

are you a friendly person?
I try to be

who's bed did you sleep in last night?
- my own

what size ring do you wear?
- idk.

what color shirt are you wearing?
black with a rainbow peace sign

do you have any pets?
- yes! if brother count

what were you doing at 7pm yesterday? - eating? reading?

only if ya wanna,