Tuesday, December 22, 2009

yAy mOrE sUrVeYs!!!

+ Name- Tay
+ Age- 13
+ Birthday- May 7
+ # of siblings- 3
+ Single or Taken? Single =[
+ Something Nobody Knows About You- I was born in Zepherhills
+ Best Friend- way to many to count
+ Hobbies- sewing, knitting, drawing, painting, looming, ami, crocheting,running.
+ Pets- nope =P
+ If I had all the money in the world- buy anything I want
+ Everyone likes this about me- is that I'm super funny and random
+ After School Activities- COMPUTER

-x-Have you done any of these in the past 6 months?-x-
[drive] nope =[
[dance] yes!
[kiss someone that you aren't related to] '''''''''
[wear make-up] of course
[dye your hair] yep!
[go shopping] yep
[go on a vacation to another country] nope
[listen to music] yea
[stay up till 12 a.m. or later] of course
[sleepover] yep
[go to movies] yep
[get an autograph from a celebrity) unfortunately no :O
[go to a school dance] no
[give somebody a present] yep
[spend time with a senior citizen] yep
[talk on phone] yep
[download something on the computer] Yep
[watch a music video] Yep
[go over a friend's house] yep

-x-Do you prefer?-x-
+ coke or Pepsi? coke!!
+ watching TV or listening to music? music usually
+ cell phones or AIM? both
+ kisses or hugs? hugs ~
+ bubble gum or sugar free gum? Bubble
+ coffee or tea? coffee
+ McDonald's or Burger King? McDonald's
+ night or day? depends
+ summer or winter? winter
+ Blogging.net or Soup-faerie.com? what??
+ PAC Sun or American Eagle? ah that's too hard!

+ If you were asked out to the movies, what would you see? i have no idea
+ What do you want in your dream guy? cute, sweet, athletic, stuff like that
+ What holidays would you spend with your dream guy? Valentines Day, Christmas
+ What do you picture as a perfect wedding? IDK?
+ Would you want an older or younger guy? age doesn't matter to me.
+ How much older do want him/her to be? dunno
+ Who is the hottest celebrity? pppsshh that's easy! TAYLOR LAUGHTNER!!!!
( then Rob pattinson)

+ movie- hmm that's a hard one
+ color- PURPLE or black
+ store- all kinds
+ brand- ???
+ memories- all the good ones
+ hang-out- anywhere
+ friends- Sam, yulia, Sarah, Emily, and a few more (you guys rock~ILY)
+ food- chocolate
+ ice cream flavor- chocolate marshmallow! (and cookie dough you want some from cold stone!!)
+ vacation- NEW YORK BABY!!!
+ TV show- hhhmmm
+ animal- fish
+ band- SKILLET! SWITCH FOOT! FLYLEAF! !RELIENT K! and a few more
+ actress- Kristen Stewart!
+ actor- Taylor Laughtner
+ holiday- all