Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ice cream, Teag, and Amigurumi :)

Yes, yes this is my little green frog. Definitely not the best I've done (SSSHHH don't tell him that... Just Kidding) Heh heh, momma said he looked like an alien. would you simply agree?
Teag, on the other hand, has been busing herself with making finger-crocheted bracelets :D

UMmmm forget it! this is the BEST ice cream I've ever eaten!!!! for all you red velvet lovers, You have to try this! talk about sending your taste buds on journey! LOL!
have you herd of all those earthquakes going around? well lats night my family and I experienced shaking and even saw the sliding glass doors completely spazzing out before our eyes! My mother and I, again, felt shaking this afternoon, the crystals of my lamp next to my bed (where I was sitting) were shaking even my flaming snow globe was snowing! WHAT-THE-HECK?
*SCRATCHES HEAD* Oh well, whatever happens I know Jesus will protect my family and I :)
Have and awesome night, thanks for reading!
tay from F&FP