Friday, March 12, 2010

monsoons and shark dissections :O

Today in Biology, Mrs. P, told us that we would be hackin' into a dog shark!

I had to "debrecelet" myself! LOL! I Double gloved...hehe.

the hackin' tools :
before I opened her.
yep! she smelled AWEFUL! it was the furmadahide. icky.
and yes I am reffering to it as a her, becasue we figured out
that she is a she! LOL!
My friend Nico was having a BLAST with his shark ;D
I'm not even going to post the pictures of the acctual dicection, beacsue they are a little to gory!

and after a Long two and a half days of just straight rain, we came home and found that our
porch was flooded! But it's no big deal! it didn't get into our house or anything :)

Looking forward to a great weekend!