Friday, April 23, 2010

award #2

Okay, I was also given the Oh My Blog award from Hannah
(thanks). Follow her awesome blog Hannah's Blog

what you have to do:
1. Get really excited that you got the coolest award EVER.

2. Choose ONE of the following options of accepting the OMB award:

(a) Get really drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight, or for as long as you can focus.

(b) Write about your most embarrassing moment. -I Chose this one XD

(c) Write a "Soundtrack of your childhood" post.

(d) Make your next blog a 'vlog'/video blog. Basically, you're talking to the camera about whatever.

(e) Take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning, before you do anything else (hair, make up, etc)and post it.
My most embarrassing moment ever is...
When my friend and I were walking around the block in my neighborhood. I had this bright idea that we should jump the fence so we'd end up at my house sooner. so we went around the side of this random house and jumped the fence. then we realized that it wasn't my backyard. and there was a bunch of people sitting outside. and they saw us. so we quickly jumped back over the fence and ran back to my house with red faces burning of embarrassment! LOL

3. Pass the award on to at least three, but preferably more, awesome bloggers as yourself. Don't forget to tell them.

. I give this award to
Lib and Jare
Jayden Black
Hannah (My nutty Life)
Emily (My world)