Saturday, April 24, 2010

TAGGED again!

Hey Guys,

I got tagged, Thanks Cori @ Cori's Blog

#1-What song are you currently listening to a lot?

The augustrush SOUNDTRACK

#2- What is the best book you have read recently?

UUUmmm...I haven't really read a good book series. But the best book is "The Wind Dancer"

#3-Do you sing a lot?

no... but sometimes I hum, if that counts?

#4-Sweet or salty?

Both ;)

#5-What is your favorite hobby?

OOOO...OMG this is WAY to H A R D!

#6-What books have you read at least 3 times?

Like all of them.

#7-What sites do you always visit when you get on the Internet?

Facebook, Blogger, Ymail, TeenBlogs.

#8-What were the last things you bought?

Eye Shadow

#9-Which fictional character do you think you are most like?

I can't really think of one right now.

#10-Favorite earliest memory?

The Time my preschool had water day. I was 3.

#11-What do you do to change your mood?

amigurumi, blog, write, draw, swim, sew, make bracelets :D

#12-What was the last meal you ate?


#13-Do you want to learn another language?

nope. LOL

#14-Five things you can’t live without?

1. My Family


3. Computer.

4. Crochet hook

5. ipod touch :)

#15- Find the closest book to you, and flip to page 54. What is the first sentence in the 2nd paragraph

Actually there aren't any books around me at the moment..

#16-What is something you would like to say right now?

Milk is seriously nasty...

#17-What are you looking forward to?

My birthday (13 more days)

I shall now tag:
Bobbi Marie
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