Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Good mornin'! Well I'd just like to say that today is my official FIRST DAY of summer. Yep that's right! except I still have to do math although the summer :[ oh well? But so long science, history, and English!
I took my last test yesterday! it was my annual 8th grade test! I think I did really good!
and last Monday I took my KESWICK test! Yes, yes I am trying to get into Keswick. [Its a private school] So Please pray that i will be accepted into Keswick! I really, really, really want to go there for high school!!! thanks
So you probably think I am neglecting your blog? I sincerely apologize for not commenting! I've been busy with test and I have been spending my free time with amigurumi and photography. Its been almost a week since I last wrote in my book! [That's a long time for me] i'm at the beginning of chapter 5! eek so much to catch up on! More amigurumi and Photography coming soon, i promise =D