Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

Happy first day of May!!!! YAY!
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! I'm in the proses of trying to get in to a private school so Ive been working really hard on my schoolwork. tee hee.

I'm now making the first day of each month b-day awards/survey day! hoo ray!

If you have a May birthday complete this survey and Post it on you blog :)

  1.  whens your  birthday?
                  May 7!
2.  where were  you born?
  Zepherhills Florida!

3. whats your favorite month? why?
May. Because its my Birthday, and 5 is my favorite number, and emeralds are Green and greens one of my favorite colors :D!

4.  what are your favorite colors?
Green, black, dark purple, teal. ^_^

5.  what color are your eyes?
  GREEEN!! but when its really hot they turn gray. and sometimes hazel. but when I was born the were BABY BLUE!! [It rocks]

6. how many more days until your B-day?
6 whooo hooo.

If you have a MAY birthday copy and paste LOL

You rock!