Sunday, April 25, 2010

whooo hoo.

Thanks Bridget!!
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1: Apples, Oranges or Bananas? Apples.

2: How many siblings do you have? 3 whhoo hoo

3: How old are you? 7^2

4: Do you live on a prairie, woodland, swamp, city or other? The a small beach in the Sub, hon ;D

5: Scissors or glue? Scissors. cutting is the best ;)

6: Describe your dream house. the white house!!

7: Is your room clean? always <3

8: If you could be a movie character for a day, who would you be? Taylor Laughter ;)

9: Italy, Greece, France, Spain or England? Italy...practicaly my whole familty is italian!

10: What denomination are you? christian. GO TEAM JESUS!

11: Do you sleep with a stuffed toy (BE HONEST!)? sometimes my sock monkey. when theres thunder and lighting.

12: Gum, chocolate, or jelly beans? CHOCOLATE.

13: What is your favorite book? the wid dancer and my book.

14: Favorite ice cream flavor?  Mint chocolate chip.

15: If you had to eat one type of food for two weeks, what would that food be? GUMBO!!!

16: What is your favorite Olympic sport? Figure Skating.

17: If you woke up and discovered that you had turned into Miley Cyrus for the day, what would you do? SCREEM and put a brown bag over my head!

18: Describe yourself in three words. CRAZZY, FUNNY, CONFIDENT

19: What chore do you hate? unloading the dishwasher :P

20: If Elmo came into your room with a gun, what would you do? throw my sockmonkey at him.

This award is For every one!!!!