Tuesday, July 13, 2010

23 random facts about me.

  1. I'm allergic to chickens, they make me sneeze.
  2. though I live I live in Florida, I cant' stand Disney World.
  3. I really LOVe  Coffee
  4. I hate my middle name.
  5. and I think Taylor is a "Girl" name.
  6. I danced competitive ballet for 8 years and I quit 2 years ago [I hated it.]
  7. from 1st grade to 4Th grade, I wrote back wards,seriously, ex. the word Taylor, I would go from the left and start at the last letter and work my way to the first: rolyaT . and that's how I wrote.
  8. I used to be ambidextrous.
  9. I'm at college level English.
  10. I hate this=   " doood thiz cuz i iz a lozer wit u"
  11. I am a spender not a saver
  12. I'm a Republican. yeah that's right.
  13. yeah my blog is named FEARLESS. and I don't care if that is what 'Taylor swift' does.
  14. It is not a coincident that my name is Taylor and I have FEARLESS, so don't email me about it. LOL
  15. I do not want children.
  16. I really love spaghetti!!! {without meat sauce}
  17. I LOVE getting shots!!!
  18. I love the dentist!
  19. I love roller coasters, I could ride them all day.
  20. I'd rather sit at home and write in my book than go out.
  21. I really do have a lot of emo mentalities. Is that bad?
  22. Forever 21 is the best store EVER!
  23. I really don't like Florida and I'll probably move to Seattle or New York, when I'm older, {I thrive off of cities}