Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have an IPod touch. Today I was at chick-fil-a playing on this free app I downloaded, Build-a lot. it was a Free app. All of a sudden...CRASH!!!! PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!!! It crashed my whole Ipod, SERIOUSLY! I doesn't work! I even called Apple and had a guy walk me through the steps of restoring it, and at the end it said "Not able to restore Ipod, due to virus"  We tried everything! So the guy told me that he couldn't do anything else. I was on the phone with him for like two hours.  Now I have to schedule an appointment, in Tampa (which is a 30 minutes from my house) at International Mall, to see an apple specialist; that will try to restore it on their computer. Well the good news is, that if it doesn't restore for the specialist, then they will give me a brand new Ipod on the spot, So I wont have to spend all my savings on a new one. LOL.

But seriously! DO NOT BUY THE APP THAT IS CALLED BUILD-A LOT. It can and will crash your I pod forever! even though  its "free" and has a 5 star rating, and was featured, and it's SO addicting; I googled it and it took the lives of many other Ipods...Don't be a fool. Just don't download it.