Friday, September 24, 2010


We did it! we went on our very first HIGH school Field trip...I t was a blast!!!! I took my "Big camera" with me so i was able to capture all those macro moments. I'm only going to post 2 pictures..because I'm lazy.  But I'm definitely going to be posting more pictures, because next week is HOMECOMING week! Yippee! And student government asked me to shoot the pictures for homecoming week/homecoming! I AM SO EXCITED! but that means I have to bring my entire camera bag to school evry single day! yay! And its perfect because I just got this insanely, awesome, reversible camera strap cover, made originally by a fabulous photographer Allie Reid, actually I won a contest on her blog (which you should checkout/follow) Anyways I have yet to find shoes, but I have my dress, jewelry, makeup and I finally bagged a date for homecoming, not to mention that I'm going to a humongous sleep over afterwards! I going to try to post sooner/more often!
(Only about 1/4 of the entire gruop, I'm next to the boy in the green shirt)