Monday, September 6, 2010


September already????? what the heck! A few useless complications in my life for September:
  1. Homecoming is in less than a month...OH Ma' gosh! how do you spell STRESS? I went shopping with my best buds yesterday and I found the most beautiful dress ever! its champagne...yes champagne! My theme is gold, ssh don't tell! I will post a picture SOON! It seems like everyone is doing Blue, pink, or way, I said! But it was indeed very hard to find a "decent dress" decent meaning one that does not expose too much "Cleavage"...or whatever, or that is so short I can't even sit down, or one that Brightly colored (i hate bright colors) Plus having a super-strict, Christian private school does not help this process in any way! But anyways I am still very excited for homecoming!
  2. My beloved Aunt and Uncle are moving back from Hawaii! They have been living there on Oahu for about 5-6 years I guess. And NO I did not get the luxury privileged of going to visit. But I was SO, so, so , so ,so close to going!!! I think I could still cry about it! LOL. they arrive October 15th so we are counting down :D 

And Both of my novels are coming along GREAT! the first one is around 50 pages now, and the second is around 30!!! I am so excited!

what do you think the theme for blog should be for fall?